Can't stream on iphone

  • 24 September 2022
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I can’t stream music on my son’s iphone. Tracks appear greyed out. I have a family plan and all the other devices work properly (another iphone, an ipad and a laptop). I can stream podcasts though. I have tried everything: logging out and back, reinstalling the app, power cycle the phone, etc. I see some other people have experienced this same issue.

Please help, thanx in advance!

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5 replies

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Hello @repepo

Is your son’s iPhone set to another country? 
Are you using the same Deezer account? 

thanks for the reply! we are using the same deezer account, and yes the phone is set to the same country as mine (Belgium)

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Hi @repepo, just a thought: is the iphone running the latest versions of iOS and the Deezer app?


yes, latest update of both. I have reinstalled the app following these instructions, but no luck:

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Which iPhone model and ios version, please? And are other Internet-connwcted apps working properly?