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  • 25 November 2017
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I am a new member of Deezer. So far I am very please with it, and I think it is something to be grateful for, Big Time! However, it is shocking to discover that 'Loudness Normalization' is not integretad in Deezer Music streaming. As it is a fundamental element of playing a mixed of audio tracks, with diversified recording sound levels. 'Loudness normalization' was created to combat varying loudness when listening to multiple songs in a sequence. Before 'loudness normalization' is applied, one song in a playlist might be quieter than the rest, so the end listener has to adjust the playback volume. This is insane to have such a situation today -- How can any audio streaming service neglect such a basic need as Audio Normalization?
Coming from Spotify, i am shocked, that deezer still doesn't have volume normalization.

Please add this feature.
Suprised and annoyed that Deezer doesn't have this. A glaring omission deezer! Please fix! Great service otherwise, just sick of having to constantly adjust volume!
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Hi @AVoit thanks for your feedback. i have moved your topic to this one as it is the same 😉 Please vote for it!
Hi Flo.Deezer

Well... ...thank you!

I am not sure what "voting for it" entails?! If you met to give it a 'thumb up', I did.

UPDATE I just figured out were to vote, and I did.
I am coming back to add to my previous comment on Sound Volume Normalization.

Additionally, to one comment in this tread, stating that Deezer techniciens are working on it, it is also what I was told by a service-representative. Well, because this is an issue that is at least 9 months old, I would say that "working on it" means, 'we are aware of the issue'!?

After using Deezer everyday for the past 16 days, it feels like there actually is a volume normalization treatment, because 95% of the music I have listened to is normalized. However there is a few songs that are very, very below the normalized level. They are so low, that I can bearly hear them when they play.

When this occur, I do not turn up the volume, because I know that when the next song will start to play, it will shock everyone because of how loud it will be. Instead I skip the song, and I am considering removing these songs from my playlists, if this problem is not rectified soon.

I think this 'glitch' in Deezer's normalization process, is most unfortunate for the musicians who's songs are not normalized. And I believe that they are the ones that could insist that their music be normilized, and actually have this issue rectified.
So, any updates on this? It has been 8 months since the feedback was passed to the devs and the it still hasn't been implemented.
"umjediqualquer" as you said it, it has been months... I am not sure but I think that "voting" maybe a way to show how many 'wants' this issue to be resolved. This is a guess.

So far this issue has received 93 votes - which is problably very insignificant when considering that Deezer has over 9 millions paid subscribers!

To vote click at the top of this page in the first box under the title of this discussion.
I am just now trying the trial version, and already looking for a solution to the volume issue...Will I suscribe giving this glitch?
Deezer, please! It can be done. Your competitors do it.

In the U.S. we pay a premium price for Deezer via Sonos, and the lack of volume normalisation is very un-premium!! It's an absolute artist Top Songs playlist killer.

It's very perplexing that Deezer is unable or unwilling to address such a basic and critical competitive disadvantage.
the good old foobar2000 can normalize tracks in two ways: the album gain and the (in-album) track gain, both important for optimal user experience. E.g. some tracks are intros/outros sounding much quieter than the loudest track on the album, and it should be preserved for album playback (now it's not on Deezer Mac and Android app as i can hear).
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The "Equalise volume" option is available in the audio settings of the web player and new desktop app now, don't know about mobile apps though:

Desktop app screenshot in German:

I was playing with the equalize volume setting on the Deezer desktop app, and it seems to normalize A song, meaning that within a song the highs won't be so high and the lows won't be so low. This is nice and all (though I don't use it), but I think what is really missing from Deezer is normalizing between songs: a song's highs can't be much higher than the previous song's highs. Our ears really don't like that.
So it's not really about volume normalization in the conventional sense I think, it's more like volume standardization.
I convinced my 14 year old son to choose Deezer as a family membership in stead of Spotify, which he preferred. Now he told me that Deezer has no volume normalisation. I couldn't believe him, so here I am, seeing that this is a topic for many people and still not solved by Deezer... I will give it a few month, and when not implemented in the Android version we will be gone... to Spotify I'm afraid....
As crazy as it sounds, it looks like it was the Normalize option that created the sound volume difference between tracks for me.
This is a naggnig problem on carefully assembled ("curated") playlists where the songs are selected to blend together. It is a recent phenom on some of my lists. Some are loud, some barely heard.

It is one of a growing list of warning signs that the Deez may be on the cusp of collapse. Often I cannot use the "back" arrow. There are glitches and hang-ups requiring a reload, and that does not always work. The search function is incomplete because of naming issues, and I am getting ready to jump.
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March 2019. Still happening.
Isn't volume normalization is among the most basic features one would expect from a music player?? C'mon guys!
I totally agree that there needs to be a Volume Normalizer on Deezer. The sound levels, especially when listening to the "Flow", has all kinds of varying volumes. Deezer does all sorts of updates and I am not sure why a Volume Normalizer has not been implemented yet.
It's beyond bad that a simple app cannot normalize volume. Listening to EDM and next song is a classical piano and good luck trying to listen to the song that in my car I have to turn the volume to 100% to just hear at a below normal levels.... normal songs play at only a couple of flicks up on the volume button before the mute....

Can some one open a ticket???

AAAaargh! I am very close to leaving for Pandora!
One year now and still no fix. Even with the desktop version when I use the option (Equalize Volume) some tracks volume is too low.
Hi there, we are working on it, but I can't tell you when exactly this can be done 🙂 Will of course let you know, should there be an update :)

It has been some time since this was posted and still this issue continues on both the phone and desktop app. When will this be fixed? I am paying good money for using Deezer and would appreciate it greatly if the songs didn't have different volumes.

On the desktop version, I have the Equalize volume set and still this happens.
I'd like to add my name to the long lost of those wanting this functionality.
I like to listen to Flow on Deezer, but a big problem is that different tracks have different volume. When I am cycling, this is very annoying, as some of my favorite songs play too quiet and all of a sudden another track is played too loud. How do I make Deezer play all songs on the same volume level. I wonder that nobody in Help topics is asking or reporting this problem?
What is the status of the loudness issue now? I am a musician and soon will shift to Spotify if Deezer has not integrated the Loudness / volume normalization yet.. 📣💖
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Hi there @Jesmicas

Thank you for your feedback. We've asked our devs about it and this is working in progress. We don't have details on a future release yet, but it's being developed. Our devs have actually seen the feedback given here, so I guess all I can ask now is for a bit more patience. We'll get there.

I'll keep this topic updated.