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Play music on Sonos from Deezer App

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I have been a Spotify user since they were exclusively in Sweden, but thought it was time for a change.
So let it expire, and now signed up for a Deezer premium trial.

I had not expected this to be an issue.. I clearly took the ability to play directly on Sonos for granted.
Now the question is: Is this something Deezer will do within a reasonable timeframe ??

Using the Sonos App for musicbrowsing, is just not an option I can accept 😃
This topic is on the forums since years. And, they are developing this feature since at leat one year ...
I don't think we will have this feature one day. I don't know why. Is it at deezer side ? At Sonos side ?
So, you will have to continue to sing songs without the lyrics (not available on sonos), without the description of the artist or the album (not available on sonos), without the possibility to mark a song as favourite (not available on sonos), without ...
Nevertheless. Merry Christmas and see you in 2020 to "update" this topic.
So the assumption is that Deezer consider Sonos homes to be on Spotify.

If you like to sit in your living room and explore new playlists, browse artists or get lost in forgotten tracks of your life.. and listen to it all on your Sonos speakers, then Deezer do not consider you part of their customerbase.

I can recommend to use Spotify, it plays directly on your Sonos.
Better search and better usability will be your pleasant surprises.

Anyway, I will give Deezer a few more months, and if I keep being annoyed, I'm sure Spotify will accept me in again.

Happy Holidays.
I bought a Sonos for my wife’s Christmas. Deezer works - sort of. The interface is terrible! You can’t find your music! Only frustration! Wish I didn’t buy it and can’t believe Deezer has been working on a solution for over 9 months! Should I switch to Spotify?? I guess, yes.
I want to add my voice to this too. I've been frustrated with the fact that I have to use the Sonos app to play music from my Deezer subscription and that I cannot use my personal playlist from Deezer in the Sonos app.

Are your developers really working on a solution?

As time goes on I will be more and more tempted to give other music service a try...
I'll add my support for this feature or infact any update to the Deezer app within SONOS.

I love SONOS and Deezer, but if there is no update as to a timeline to get these updated Deezer features, I will sadly, have to look at other Music options outside of Deezer.

My investment in Sonos is significantly more than a lifetime subscription to Deezer, so guess what will have to change.

Please help your subscribers with Sonos to improve the situation.