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Favourite Tracks Limit of 2000 too small (and only shows 1000 on mobile app)

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I also vote for this to be changed. I wrote about it to your support email few years ago and just now found this topic in Google. Would be good if you listen to yours paying subscribers and prio this instead of little changes in the UI of the app.
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I use Deezer for about 2 years with subscription. Few month ago, when I bought new smartphone I realized that most tracks are corrupted. Problem is in Honor/Huawei devices, but problem is still here (I fixed it by HQ in settings). Also in the same time I caught app crashing when add to favourites. But, as I thought, it wasn't every time. Now I get app crash every single time I add track to favourites. I couldn't handle it anymore and found this topic. A year, seriously? I can understand your limitations (btw it doesn't show anywhere, while you don't reach it), but what the barbarian app crashes? Why developers doesn't handle exceptions? Why should I restart app every time when I do something "wrong"?

"Solution" with moving tracks from favourites to playlists is not solution at all, because what about suggestions? Which works not good after all. I thought I have small base of songs I like, and suggestions will be better when my track base will grown. But now I see it won't.

I know you can do better.
Creo que ya es hora de aumentar el límite de canciones en una lista de reproducción y que es algo muy decisivo para quienes quieren suscribirse y no hacer por ese límite de "1000" canciones
At least one year and absolutely no progress has been made?? This "technical problem" could have been solved in a matter of weeks, and yet here we are seeing no improvement in YEARS. Especially when this has been a non-issue with competitors for YEARS. The original iPod advertised being able to store up to a 1000 songs in 2001. Two thousand and one. Get to work.