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Marshall Multiroom Speaker

  • 10 July 2018
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I have a "Marshall multiroom Speaker" with one touch presets. With the presets I can directly connect to my favorite radio station or to my favorite Spotify playlist. It would be great when i can start "flow" with one of these presets. So i can start to listen my favorite Music from "flow" with only one button. It would be a big advantage over Spotify because you can only select a playlist there.

3 replies

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Hi there, we do not develop the app for this speaker and this is a suggestion you should make to Marshall to implement 😉
Hi, I have the Marshall multi room device as well.
Sad to see they provide support for Spotify and not for Deezer.
Please get in touch with them, so we are not obliged to switch.
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Hey there

Thanks for your input. Will feed that back to our Partnerships Team 😉