Logarithmic Volume Slider for Deezer apps

  • 4 July 2020
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when using Deezer in the browser or the Deezer desktop app, I noticed the volume slider is very hard to use at low volumes. A big part of the volume slider’s range doesn’t change the volume a lot, but at the very low end, the most significant part of the volume change happens. This way, it is very hard to set a low volume conveniently. I think this is because the volume slider just sets a value from 0 to 1 linearly with which the audio samples are being multiplied. My suggestion is changing this linear behavior to a slider where you can set a volume from, say 0dB to -80dB/-infdB. That way, it would be way easier to set deezer to low volumes conveniently.


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1 reply

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion @Mic.Lo 

I've forwarded your comments to the desktop app teams so they can consider that in the planning for the next improvements :thumbsup_tone2: