Help me setup a "One song per day" - a new MP3 file every day...

  • 27 September 2022
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Hi Deezer community.

I am not a Deezer subscriber but my old dad is (he bought a Googe Home and use Deezer quite a lot), I was impressed… 

I want to suprise him and have a “song of a day” everyday for him.

The idea is simple, I do a cronjob on my server to replace the MP3 file at midnight, every day…  I was convinced it would have been possible with Google Home but I had been told that Google Home doesn’t  read online MP3.

So what is the solution for me? Can Deezer ping an URL? Or is there an Deezer API?

I have seen that it is possible to add MP3 playlist on Deezer but I don’t want a manual process… 

Hope you get me.



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