• 16 January 2023
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Why do we have to interact with FLOW in order to “Minus” or “UnLove” a song.

99% of the music played on FLOW is Disliked which is why it would be easier to have

just one button to click to ban a song.  On the other hand, while using FLOW it would be a lot easier if we could just hover over the feature with the mouse and click the menu option we want.


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Hey @ABCraver

Sorry about it, we are always trying to implement new features and quality to the app.

Please try to change your Flow mood, for example, to receive a different kind of music which can be more relevant for you, for example. 🤔

On that link our Super User @dee_dirk explained more about how to improve your Flow as well, please check it out. 😊

Make sure you have the latest version of Deezer, as we just updated Flow few days ago. 📲

Take care.

The 6 pre-selected “Mood’s” Has nothing to do with (Banning or Un-Loving) songs.

Again, please bring back a traditional (Thumbs Down) or (Un-Love) feature like Youtube Music still uses and what Pandora has started.

You forgot to address my other concern which is having to click Multiple times in order to Un-Love a Song.

The FLOW feature is awesome but please allow users to Simply Hover over the button and then click on the option they choose to move onto the next song.

Hopefully this entire discussion can be addressed.