Either controlling playback on another Deezer instance or DLNA/UPNP support

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Hi all,


After the upgrade to Deezer Familiy HiFi I actually want to have the benefits of the improved audio quality. With the MP3’s it was fine to use Bluetooth to stream to my KEF LS50 Wireless speakers but now that feel somehow limiting.


Unfortunately there is no convenient way of doing so. The option would basically be to plug in the USB cable to my phone with an adapter or use my laptop. I prefer to do it wirelessly, or at the very least control a wired device (such as my laptop) from the Deezer app. Ideally it would be possible to select a DLNA/UPNP renderer in the Deezer app as an output.


It is kinda schocking to me that a similair request has been made OVER 4 years ago and not even the most basic form of it has been implemented, especially now that HiFi has come to many users.

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Hey there @HyperX

This idea exist and is currently in discussion and on the works. 

Make sure you vote it!