Deezer app not working on Panazonic GZ950 OLED

  • 14 September 2022
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I’ve not been able to log in to Deezer on my TV (Panasonic GZ950 OLED) for about 3 months now. I keep getting “you don’t appear to be connected to the internet” error.

There is nothing wrong with the TV’s internet connection, every other app (Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+, AppleTV etc etc) all work absoutely fine, just the Deezer app doesn’t.

I’ve done everything bar factory reset the TV, which i’m not prepared to do as clearly this is a Deezer app issue. (i.e. switched TV on/off at the mains, reset the internet connection, uninstalled and reinstalled Deezer), none of it worked.


Please get this fixed. I’m not going to continue to pay a subscription for a service that won’t work on my prefered device.


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Hello @gezmoor

Unfortunately we are encountering issues with Panasonic TVs. 

Please contact our Support here, they will add you to the list of users affected and send you an email when the issue will be solved. 


The DEEZER app is now working again on the TV


But none of the music will play if I select “hifi” as the audio quality in the app.


I absolutely am NOT going to pay for this service if I can only get the same audio quality as I can get free from Spotify or other streaming services on the TV.


Please fix this issu ASAP.


Note: yes I’ve tried logging out of the app, and I’ve tried turning off the TV completely. The issue is clearly relate to the hifi audio setting as music plays if I choose “standard” or “high quality (HQ)” in the audio settings.

I have just reinstalled the deezer app on my Panasonic GZ950 OLED. After months of not even logging in, the app now finally connects.


However, there is a HUGE problem with the app. It will ONLY play music if the audio quality is set to “standard” or “high quality (HQ)”. It will NOT play music if the audio quality is set to “High Fidelity (HiFi)”. Thus the app is totally useless to me, as I can get standard/high quality audio streams from FREE streaming apps on the TV. So fix this issue or I’ll be cancelling my subscription (again, and this time it’ll be permanent).

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Hello @gezmoor could you describe to me what happens? Do you get an error message? Do the song play if you don’t select Hifi? 

Can you show me with some screenshots or a video? 

Thanks a lot 


Hi Yula,


I’ve already explained that the error only exists when hifi quality is selected. I cannot send a screenshot at it is a TV not a tablet or smartphone. The error says “there is a problem with this stream, try again later” or words to that effect.


Anyway, I have no interest in Deezer any longer, I have already cancelled my subscription and uninstalled the app from my TV. I won’t be bothering to try using Deezer again, it’s too expensive anyway. Why Deezer believe streaming music (which is a very low bit rate service compared to films) is worth more per month than Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+ or AppleTV is quite incredible. If those services cost less than £10 a month there’s no way a music streaming service is worth more than £2-3 per month as such a service requires a fraction of the storage and network capacity etc to deliver that a film streaming service needs.