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  • 21 November 2020
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I want to apologize for the English, honestly practical completely using google translate.


And so, before the emergence of streaming services, I mainly used two resources Beatport, Juno and Discogs to find/buy music. One of the cool (not obvious) features of these services so far is the ability to search for music by label. For example, I know a cool song, then I find the album on which this song is, and then I find the label. According to this scheme, precisely through the labels, I found new cool performers, since it is the labels that are the foundations that form the cool guys around them. Or just the opposite ... :-)


In general, until now, none of the streaming services have this. And it would be very cool if there was a possibility of such an organization in catalogs and in search of music. Info about label just under the author from below or something else...


Here I also wanted to add the fact that in the same Beatport and Discogs services, the ability to search for those who makes remixes is very conveniently organized. After all, the author who made the remix is ​​a full-fledged author, and not just a postscript in the name of the track. Therefore, it is extremely important for electronic music to display not one original author, but all those who figure. For example Alex J - Track 01 (Guy Y Remix). When searching, Alex J should give this track in discography and Guy Y should have this track in discography. And when opening a song, both performers must be in the lines of the author: Alex J, Guy Y


I am not proposing anything new. But how much it will raise the coolness and the level of service is a fact. It will especially attract lovers of electronic music genres - tons. This is an extremely important story for them.


Thanks! Hope to be sweet. And with great pleasure I will continue to offer ideas. There are a bunch of them. :-)

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