Problem with 2 artists music getting mixed up because they have the same name

  • 26 March 2019
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2 rap artists, each called 'Slim' both share the same name on the platform. This is very annoying as every time I search for 'Slim' it comes up with a mix of his and some Russian artists music which I have no interest in. Just wondering if you could create 2 different pages for each artist, with different pictures? It's very annoying having to search through Russian music to find the English slims work. I also think each artist deserves their own page too as it's taking credit away from each of their work because it's harder to find. Just wondering if you could separate them?

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5 replies

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Hi there @Royal14

Sure, we can take care of that. But could you please send me a link for the artist page and links for a couple of songs, from each artist, so that I can pass it on to the right team here?
@Rudi here's another example Dreamers band has another artist's albums and singles who has the same name as Dreamers.

An account called Marissa M has 3 or my sister’s releases on it because they have the same name. 


Here is the artist link:


Here are my sisters music links: 


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Hey @Kori Mullan, here is a new page for your sister;

She can claim the page here:

Hi, I too have the same problem