Different Artists With Same Name, Need Separating

Hi there - I manage an artist called Jeff Taylor - not surprisingly there are numerous artists with the same name. Could you please separate the ones for this Jeff Taylor to a separate artist page?

His albums/songs on Deezer are:

It Swell (single) …

Dumpster Hunter: Frustration in Time Travel (album) …

Organelle (EP) …

Merry Christmas Baby (single) …

Willow, Texas (single) …


If you can use the image of his latest single, “It Swell” as his profile photo, that would be great.


If I can give you any other info, please let me know.


Thanks so much,


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There are lots of mixed up with Artists. some artist names are mixed up with others, the search engine still need some work to give better results.

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Hello @Mr. Jahrami, définitely, there’s a lot of work to be done to have a cleaner catalogue. We’re working on finding efficient solutions to do so based on some databases, I’m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hello @coleyusa, thanks for reaching out. Can you send this request to our support team? Just copy/paste what you’ve written to us.

Have both a very nice day

I Have a band called Don’t Look Now. 

We have an Album called “Once upon a time” & a single called “Been there done that got the T-shirt” on the same page as another artist Called Don’t look now.

The other record on this page “20 degree’s & rising” is not ours & is another band called Don’t Look Now. 

We also have an Album called “Like they do it in the films” which is on a separate Don’t Look Now Page.


If we could have all our records on the same page that would be great.




Martin Montague

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Hello good day.

There is some rock band on Anime hardcore dj pages on Deezer. Also rappers and synthpop bands.

Please delete 

In singles section too much of fake anime

And you can find more, just remove them or transfer other pages.

Delete them all, that’s not hardcore dj anime!!! NOW!!!!

Anime pages hardcore dj

Why I am asking? You play Anime mix radio, it plays these rappers and rock bands as well...

Thank you.

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Thanks a lot for reporting this @hpguru I've passed it on :wink:

Same thing with the artist called “Sursis”. There is an EP released today that is from a different artist.

Same thing with the artist “Last Atlas”. They released a single recently, but got mixed with songs of other artist who goes by the same name.


This is the single: it’s a new artist.



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Hey @Dewryk Lucca @Shigueo 

Thanks for letting us know. Do you have the links for the releases in question?

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In Isaac Hayes Top Tracks is song Dark And Lovely, its not from him but its from Barry Whitte.Similar voice.


Mel Kim,_that only one album is not from them. Its Kim Wilde with somebody


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Also the two first Top Track are not from them.

Hey @Dewryk Lucca @Shigueo 

Thanks for letting us know. Do you have the links for the releases in question?

This is the release , a new brazilian rock band


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Thank you @Dewryk Lucca @Placido09 

All reported thanks to you :relaxed: please keep in touch!

Hello, we recently published an 8 track debut EP (Start Taking Note) and while searching for it on Deezer, i stumbled upon an artist with the same name as our group which has linked our ep to his page, could you please separate our accounts? Our band/group name is TRAKA and the artist that is not us is named Traka. --- This being our EP --- This is an artist that is not us. 

Thank you in advance :)


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Sure thing @TRAKA I'll be in touch with our teams about this :wink:

Happy New Year!