You will not awnser this Deezer, because it will cost you. Why is there no STOP button????

You are ripping people off with the absent stop button.....


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Hello @Badarc12, sorry to hear you like this…. 

we definetly have a stop button on the Android app, you can see them in the image below where the arrows are pointing. 


Best answer by Yula?

That's pauze button!

Why is there no stop button?

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Hello @Barendrecht the pause button is the stop button… 

what is the difference? 

@Yula the difference is - or wishfully could be - that the stop button would actually remove the track from sitting in Android's notification panel/drawer at the top. Like the original poster, I too would like that removed from taking up active memory on my Samsung. (Very related, closing the app with swipe does not take that away either. I have to "Force Close" the app to stop Deezer from that sitting there looking paused in standby on the mobile device.)

Now also with the new Android UI updates, the paused track overlays other things within the app when trying to view results or suggestions in the app - so it looks paused vs. stopped there also. No way to get rid of that last-played track right now...even with the old workaround of force-closing the app to remove it from actively running in memory.