Random Playback of downloaded content

  • 17 January 2023
  • 6 replies

Hello, today I noticed a Strange behavior at the Android App. If I click on random Playback at the download section, the app plays all my content not only the downloaded. If Offline Mode is selected everything is fine. Seems like the Button mapping is wrong 

6 replies

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Hello @Urmelausmall

I could not reproduce the issue. 

Could you sen me a picture of what you click when it plays the whole library? 

Thanks for your answer, here is the picture. I click on Downloads, and then on the red random Playback Button. It happens all the time when the Offline Mode is not enabled. 


I have this problem too. Going into offline mode forces the app to only play downloaded tracks but as soon as I switch that mode off it starts playing tracks that I haven’t downloaded. I know this because my only downloaded tracks are my favorites and a small playlist for running.

Deezer version (auto updates are on)

Android version 13

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Hey @Tony Smith @Urmelausmall

We can reproduce it only on the Beta Version, please use the normal version and this issue should be solved.

Please let me know. 😊

Take care.

Thank you, this fixes my Problem. I have forgotten that I am at the Beta Version. 

Hello again. Today I received a regular Update to Version and the Error is back again.