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I listen to flow fairly often but here lately it will start a song and then it will start up another, try to load it, then skip ahead, and then it repeats a number of times. I opened up the queue today as it was doing this and it was resetting the history at the same time it was skipping. Also, the length of the flow playlist not infinite here lately. Now, i  know that my phone being the cheap piece of crap that is all the rage these days is possibly a factor in this but something is going wrong on your guys' end here lately, i listen most of the time while i am at work and it would be nice to have a program that i am paying for to work decently, please fix this.


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Hello there, @Andrew.Hite 

Please first follow these steps: 

  1. Restart the app (kill the app and remove it from the notification bar)
  2. Try another network (4G or Wifi)
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Delete all the cache & data from the app (Data and storage, and then “Clear all”), then restart the app
  5. Un-install the app and re-install the app

once you have done this check this tips to improve your FLOW 


It does not happen all the time, when i put this error report here it happened twice in a row and since then it has behaved. I did reload the app, a default action when one messes up, but that changed nothing. Phone is fully shut down every night. Clearing the data cache does not explain when this happens why the just heard list changes or has tracks i had not listened to yet every time the app is attempting to load a track or why when i decide to load a playlist that it then functions fine, no loading issues. Whatever is going on, it is decidely serverside.

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Hey @Andrew.Hite

could it be that someone has access to your account and is just playing music at the same time as you? 
I logged you out all accounts, please reset your password here:

I would think someone had access if this happened along side tracks appearing and disappearing from playlists i made and from my favorited tracklist, so far this is not the case. When the flow feature glitches and shows tracks in the just heard listing, the number of tracks and the titles change every attempt it does to load a track and the attempts are fairly rapid, like it is skipping files that are not loading kind of like in players when the data files are corrupted just enough to present titles, artists, and track length but the rest of the info is simply not there so it skips to the next. Also, i have had the phone application running once at the same time i had the desktop web page just to see what effect it would cause, both functioned flawlessly but that was shortly after i started using the service.

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Hey @Andrew.Hite from which device are you having this issue? Can you give us as much info as possible about it? 


It is a galaxy a02s, the phone itself causes issues but only because it seems to want to close/crash out processes at random intervals and it does not seem to be able to handle more than a few running at any one time. Also, it does not seem to want to allow deezer to access the microphone but for some reason it still works for now just enough to see the title for the track indentification from listening to it. I have adapted around the phone issues as best as i can. One reason i am sure that the flow glitch is not my phone is it does not do it all that often and the issue persisted after i had cleared the process out and restarted the app but the moment i loaded up a playlist created around a song the songs loaded up flawlessly. It also loads up the songs i have locally without issue, though remebering where i left off seems to be not possible for the phone.

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Hi @Andrew.Hite,
Thank you for your message but we need some details more so we can reproduce your case. I logged into your account and Flow played perfectly. But that was from the web browser.
Can you please answer all the following questions:

  • If you try as well from a PC in a browser do you have the same issue?
  • Have you tried to log out and log in again with your email address?
  • What's the brand and model of the device you are having problems with? - Samsung A02S ✔
  • What's the version of the operating system installed on your device? 
  • what's the Deezer version installed on your device? 
  • Screenshot of Data and Storage, under Deezer app, settings?

Also, would be a great plus if you could send a video recording of the problem you described. It will be very helpful to understand the issue reported by you.

Flow is working decent, has been since the day i made this thread right after the flow process had its issue. The phone os is the latest, so is the deezer program according to google. I do not often use deezer via the web other to add tracks since my phone is not optimized very well by samsung,  it was a 40 dollar phone i am not expecting much in that area. Like i said earlier, whatever this is causing flow to sporadically glitch out has not ever affected any other function i tried, all playlists loaded fine and play fine. This phone will randomly close out or crash out processes, happens more with my browser than deezer, and that has always been since i got the phone. The reason i said the phone is not optimized is because the only other issue is that the app or the phone shows a error message about not detecting the microphone except for the fact the listen feature still works and i can not access the buttons, if i try to it clears out the results and i have to start over. When this flow glitch happened i was at work, the listen feature is not available on the web page.

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Hi @Andrew.Hite, thanks for your feedback.
Please share all the detail asked before here or to the Customer Care on this form .