deezer freezes when screen locks


I’ve been using deezer on multiple devices so far but since I got the Samsung S24 ultra. If the screen locks the app stops. We have tried all the other fixes mentioned on the platform. Please help

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Hi @LizettevanDeventer,

It's probably because of your phone's battery settings.

Your Samsung will close Deezer when your screen goes black.

Hopefully this will fix it for you:

-Go to settings
-Go to your apps
-Go to app manager
-Search for Deezer
-Go to Battery usage
-Select "Allow background activity"

This way Android won't close Deezer when your screen goes black.

Please let us know how it goes. Heel veel succes!

Hi @awesomemac 

Thank you for the suggestion. 

It however still does the same. 

As soon as the screen goes black, Deezer stops playing. 

This is quite annoying as I am unable to connect to my car via Bluetooth and listen to my music while driving as it stops playing immediately when the screen goes black. 

I am sure that it must be some setting on the phone, but even the technicians at Vodacom and their Samsung expert could not figure this out. 

Really don't want to move to a different music app as I've been on Deezer since 2018 and there are years of music downloaded on my Playlist already.


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I can certainly understand that this is very annoying when your music suddenly stops. I can't think of another solution myself.

Didn't you have this with your previous phone?

Nope, I've had Samsung for many years and this is the first time this has been a problem. Will just have to find a way around this somehow 

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It would be a shame if you had to switch to another music service because of this. I myself have no problems with my Oppo phone and Deezer. Hopefully someone else here knows how to fix this?

If necessary, send a message to Deezer Support via a request.

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Can this help?



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Or try this:



Click on the three dots and choose Manage and then select Deezer.


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Hello @LizettevanDeventer thanks for the post and sorry about the user experience you are getting. Did the steps provided by our legend @awesomemac solved the problem?

Allowing usage of battery in the background suggest above normally does the trick with this kind of issues that started to appear with the introduction of Android 14.

Would be great to have your feedback on this. As said, this action (closure of the app when you lock screen) might be linked to some setting on your OS.

@Leonídia.Deezer thank you for checking in on this. The issue has not been resolved. I have been to the technical department at our local Vodacom shop and the tech also couldn't understand this. All permissions are on that needs to be on etc. The solution that I have come up while driving is to put my GPS on, even for short local trips. By doing this my phone screen does not go off and the music keeps playing. It is really bizarre and I have never experienced anything like this. But I am getting by for now. The last thing I want to do is change my music app as I have been happy up to now and this small thing won't put me off. I just hope that it is something that can be tested an ld fixed, surely I can't be the only one experiencing this issue with this specific device.