[Bug report] Skipping back when unlocking device

  • 21 August 2022
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Android/Pixel 6

Unlocking screen when the Deezer app was left open causes the player to skip backwards in playlist. Sometimes to the top or back to when the device was last unlocked. Works on any playlist/album and even Flow and the bug is recreatable.


Simple work-around I found is to minimize the app before locking device.


I've known of this bug for a few months now but I don't know if is a known issue or specific to my device.

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4 replies

I have also this same problem. Affected my old Nokia 8 and now my Samsung s21 fe.

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Oh sorry about this, never heard of this bug. 

Can you follow the instruction in this article, @PutridBacon

Let me know if it helps. 

I experience the same problem, and also for months. It's not the device cause I have a Samsung. I've done all of the steps mentioned in the previous post since the problem occured but it's still there.

Just now flow jumped back 20 songs, which are all played again when skipping the song until I'm back at the song that was playing when inlocking the phone.

It would be highly appreciated if this bug could be fixed 😉.

I have the exact same problem for probably at least two months now.  Currently using Poco M4, but had the same problem with pocophone F1.