Airplay & bluetooth option not found in my Deezer app

Hi, in my android cell phone, in the Deezer app, in the audio settings doesn’t appear the airplay & bluetooth option, so i can’t to send the music  to an audio receiver. 


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Hi @Luis.Domingo.Garcia-Salas 


I’m not sure about airplay (is that Apple) from Android app as I own an Android and no Apple products.  However to use Deezer with any bluetooth product via Android is easy.  Just pair and connect the Bluetooth product and then when you open the Deezer app and hit play it should work!


Let us know how you get on!

I have the same problem. The airplay button is showing on my Apple 2017 tablet, so I can play the music directly to my Stereo.

This option does not show in my Android Deezer app on Nokia 8. No airplay possibilty through the app on android.

Extra: Spotify has the airplay option on Android and Apple

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Thanks for supporting this integration @Quintin Egstorf - I'll be forwarding your comments to our Android teams and product managers :thumbsup_tone2:

This is an important feature for me too and a reason to make the switch to Spotify. Is there a plan to introduce this feature with ETA?

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Hey @nhuijsmans 

I'm unable to provide an ETA because it isn't on our plans at the moment, but I'm following it up so that I can give more updates once there's more info available on Deezer :v_tone2:

I also plan to switch to Spotify because of the Airplay feature. Any ETA present?

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Hi @dpoldrugo 

I've asked our devs for an update on this discussion. If there's anything planned, I'll come back to let you know.

We're sorry to see you moving out of Deezer, so we take your feedback really seriously. Hopefully this is something our app can do in the near future :pray_tone2:

Hi @Rudi,

Any update? a place where we can upvote this?
Even it is not my preferred option, in many situations it is a must have! (at friends for example, on hotel rooms too...)

Thanks to the team for the effort

In the meantime, I’ve found a not perfect (nor free) but most of the time working solution there:

AirMusic - stream your music!

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No updates on it yet @RaVeR5974 as we've been super focused on reducing bugs in our service. But I'll forward your new comments to the teams now, so that we can continue the discussion! :relaxed:


immer noch keine Airplay Funktion für Android von Deezer.

Ich denke ich wechsle auf Spotify zumindest bis Deezer es irgendwann in Jahren schafft das zu implementieren..

Schade hat mir gut gefallen bei Deezer aber ich habe wirklich keine Lust mir Chromcast oder schlecht funktionierende Software zuzulegen nur weil dieses ständig geforderte Feature nach Jahren immer noch nicht zur Verfügung steht.

Greetigs from Germany.