Songs that I didn't listen to appear in my just heard playlist

  • 26 January 2022
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Songs that I didn't listen to appear in my just heard playlist. It started 2 months ago and I was fine with that, at first I thought it was my mistake but now it's quite annoying. I am from southeastern Europe and I would be fine if songs that appear in my just heard playlist are from my region, but there are from Asia. I checked devices that are connected to my account and there is only my phone. I changed my password quite a few times but it won't stop.


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5 replies

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Hey @Choda 

We are sorry to hear that.

I've already unlinked all possible connected devices from your account. Also I've sent you an email with a link to reset your password. Please delete the app, download it again and reset your password before connecting again and everything should be OK,

Thank you :)

Did this resolve the issue? It would be great if Deezer shared more information about what device played the songs as well as the IP address. Top songs in my account last year were songs I had never heard, it really makes me think Deezer just has data engineering issues because there was no evidence I could find about my account being compromised. I really prefer Deezer to Spotify, but y'all don't make it easy to be customers.

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Hello @kashrack, you can follow all the step in this article to make sure your account is safe: 


Hi @Yula, thanks for getting back to me. I've responded to that thread, but as I didn't initially find it I'll say the same thing here.


It's unacceptable for Deezer to suggest all security issues are user error. Deezer does not provide sufficient security information despite collecting it. For example, my app only shows my phone even though I've logged in via desktop and third-party apps.


Here's an easy fix, add a 'log me out everywhere' button. If Deezer wants to absolve itself of security concerns for paying customers there needs to be more information available to the customer.

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Hello @kashrack

you are right we only show when you are logged in other mobile apps, 

not on laptops or third party apps. 

I will pass on your feedback, you can contact our Costumer Care team here and they can log you out all devices so you can reset your password again.