My Deezer favorites are disappearing

  • 28 November 2020
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I’ve been a loyal customer for years. Now I’m noticing that my saved favorites are disappearing.  At times I will think of a tune I have saved and will search it out only to discover it’s not there.  Then I will reload.  What is happening to saved favorites?   Thanks 

12 replies

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Hi @Richard Sweet ,

Just to clarify how many favorite tracks do you have total? 



I have the same problem with 2942 at the moment. Sometimes songs that I know I favorited are not favorites anymore and I have to readd them. Very randomly songs disappear and I only notice when they are played again in flow and I'm watching, which I do more now for tracks I like, because I've lost a few this way. 

Have posted about it before, but neither app updates nor phone restarts have ever really solved the problem. It's also hard for me to know, which songs are affected, since I have so many and don't pay attention, which ones might be gone. A recent example is

 Playing songs on iPad and iPhone only. 

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Hello @testingcommunity could you please login to your Deezer account on a PC/Mac and let me know if you see a different number of favourite tracks than you see on your iPad or iPhone? 
If so, could you send me a screenshot?
Thanks :)

I’ve added a bunch of screenshots now.

iPhone and iPad show a difference of favorite songs and checking my times of when I had added songs, this seems really strange, because I had restarted both devices and updated the app in that time frame. But after having force-closed and reopened Deezer on the iPad it now also shows the 2944 figure. The browser shows the same number.

I stumbled across the missing favs problem on the iPad, which is why I came back here and saw your reply. You can see in attachment “1” the first song “Friendships” in the list (search in favorites), which I had previously added and was not in my favs anymore. It is only shown in the screenshot, because I had re-added it, when I discovered it wasn’t actually in my favorites anymore and before clicking the heart, I checked my favorites and it didn’t show up. So I assume something is weird, because these favorites are sometimes still played during Flow and I’m not sure that the algorithm recommends them, but that it somewhere still considers them favorites. What was odd was that I only had the version in my favs that is in spot three of the search, but when I played that one on the iPad, it didn’t even have the heart.

I have actually removed and reinstalled the app completely on my iPhone already, but have only installed the app on my iPad like a month ago or so and not reinstalled it there.

Both are updated to the latest iOS and app versions.

Hope that helps to find out what’s happening and what I might be able to do against it.

Found another issue today, when a song was playing, which I knew I had added, so I checked the number of fav songs and now it was down to 2940. When I refreshed the favs list, it showed 2945 though (same behavior on iPad and iPhone).

When I added the song again to my favs, my iPhone showed 2941 songs. I have no clue what is happening, but favs for some reason are definitely lost over time, which is extremely annoying, especially with some of the more obscure stuff that I would like to listen to in flow sometimes, but which gets lost this way.

Screenshots attached.

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Hey @testingcommunity apologies for the delay, I’ve not forgotten about this, but I have not hear back from our devs yet.
I’ve asked around again.
Thanks for your patience and understanding

I totally get it. I just hope that the issue can eventually be identified and resolved. 

Today, I found two more songs that just disappeared from my library and that I had to re-fav. I'm listing the, here, in case that helps to narrow down the issue. I have no idea what kind of logging is done, but maybe you can see me having added the songs in the past and the moment that they were dropped 🤷‍♂️

The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way

NERVO - It Feels


Just an example of songs that came up via Flow without a heart while playing, despite still being found in my favs. I've 'hearted' them again. Just weird and frustrating.


This same issue is happening to my account now, and I’ve been able to confirm it by making playlists that only contain favorites. When I check these playlists after some time goes by a few songs are no longer favorites now. This has not been fixed with any app updates, and given that I pay for this service it is disconcerting that the problem continues to exist after 2 years. 


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Conversely I notice when playing my favourites playlist there are songs that I have NOT favourited. I’ll have to pay attention when this next happens, but I notice a few songs a week (I do stream a few hours a day). Perhaps a related issue?


Been noticing this too. This should really be elevated. Especially considering the 2k song limit per playlist, I have to use the favourites as my new playlist… (10k limit)


For reference I use an android (Samsung S22+) + windows (10) app.

I’ve noticed a slight discrepancy in the # of songs in the favourites between the windows app and my phone but when I actually click into “Favorite Tracks” on the phone, and swipe right for the tracks, length, etc, it has the right number.

I am slao having the same issue. Every time i open the app it shows like I have 0 favorites and I have more than 2000. I have these songs in the playlist as well and I have to add them every day which is getting annoying. Can this be fixed already?