Why can’t I play my songs for free?

  • 10 May 2023
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So this update this happen and I’m incredibly disappointed since I don’t have premium. I’ve been on this app for four years and it’s not allowing to pock a song that I chose to play but instead it gives me a random song that I didn’t ask for.

I don’t care about these ads since they’re not a bother compared to Spotify but I don’t wanna pay money just to listen my favourite songs. 

I wanna listen to free music again even if it means having ads. FIX THIS PROBLEM!


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6 replies

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the deezer free feature set is consistent with the free tiers offered by other streamers in the industry. one gets ads, limited control, reduced audio quality, no downloads, and other limitations.

some services, like apple music and qobuz, don’t offer a free tier at all.

i think you know what the solution to this problem is.


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Where are you based @KAINELIUS


According to the screenshot, it should be about Canada.

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Deezer Free is still available in Canada, from which device are you listening? Do you have the same issue on all devices @KAINELIUS ? 

But "free" has disappeared completely.

I accept that the quality will not be the highest, and that there will be adverts every few songs, but now I can't play ANY of the music in my "Favourites".

I usually listen on my Android tablet but I logged into on my laptop once and now, when I open the Deezer app on my tablet as usual, NOTHING is available to play!


If Deezer want to FORCE me to take a paid subscription then they can go stuff themselves. I will pay another streaming service instead, on principle, and NEVER consider using Deezer EVER!

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Hi @kg46,

In some countries, the Deezer Free account is not available. Nevertheless, in the UK the Deezer Free account is available and checking on the system I could see you already have one Free account.

Let me know if you need any clarification.