What happened to my $26 deal?

  • 25 October 2022
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I had 2 emails from deezer asking me to pay $26 in november to renew my yearly subscription. Today, I got another email, but the price is $99. What happened?



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4 replies

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BTW, there is NO WAY i’m paying $99 for Deezer. Look at my history on the image below….

Those $8.97 were a gift for someone!


List goes on to 2016, always at $4.99

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Hello @Rui Durão I understand that you’re frustrated about the price increase, and first of all, I wanted to say thank you for supporting Deezer from 2016. 
The reason that we’ve done it is simple - we want all of our users to have access to HiFi by default. 
Our new quality standard will give customers a much better experience, allowing them to enjoy music the way it sounded in the studio, and to take full advantage of the ever increasing number of high quality sound devices available in the market. 
The new prices mean better quality for our users, more money for the artists, and it will help us continue challenging global tech giants with a unique and engaging product, rich editorial content and unique original projects that let artists shine.
Please get in touch with 
our Deezer Support Team in order to discuss with them if there is any special offer or similar for you as a valued customer (but I can’t guaranteed it)
We hope that you decide to stick around with us.
Thanks :)

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You don’t understand. If I go to My account, it still shows $26, but no option to pay. Seems I have to wait until November.

You are communicating 2 options to me and I am confused. And time is running out.

I would be glad to pay more for artists, but not 350% more. And, I live in Mozambique. My internet speed is 2 to 4 Mbps - making hifi and stuff irrelevant to me.


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I understand @Rui Durão 
Best thing you can do is to contact our Deezer Support Team. They should be able to help and look into your case, but keep n mind that new prices in your country are USD$10.99 for a monthly premium subscription and USD$98.91for a 12 months premium subscription.