My account disappeard

  • 11 September 2019
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My account disappeared, I couldn't log in, so I sent a "forgot my password" request and when I finally logged in, it was a new account and all my music and everything was gone. I've had a Premium account for a long time and it says I have a free account. Please help!!!

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8 replies

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Hi there @Luis Arias

Sorry that's happened. I replied to you on another topic. You'll need to contact our support team here, and they'll be able to help 👍🏼

My music disappeared and I want it restored

I logged into my Deezer account and all my tunes were gone .

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Hello @RHalsey you might have login to a different account.
Please log out (Click favourites>gearwheel>log out) and login again with the email and corresponding password linked to your Deezer account.
Thanks :)

Thanks Jamie,

I appreciate your time to reply.  It irritates me that there are no live agents to talk to.

Hello Jaime,

Your help was great.

I am back to rockin with my playlists. Thanks 

Hallo my music is gone,along with mu deezer premium subscription. 




It show all I have now is the free account which I never wanted






Look further up in the thread. Maybe @Jaime.’s comment will help you: