incorrect email or password, it won't login

i cant log in on the app because it says incorrect email or password and its right and i even created a new account and it just wont log in

thank you for your attention

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Ho lo stesso problema. Uso il programma su un PC ma non mi permette nemmeno di accedere cambiando la password!
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Hi there @kelloggs

I've checked your account (the one linked to the email you used here in the community) and sent a password reset email. Check if you've received it and please try logging in again after changing the password. Remember only one account can be made per email address.


Done the same for you 😉
I have similar problem,
My deezloader portable keeps saying the incorrect email or password, yet i can log in to my account online OK.
From my account i have tried changing my password 3 times and each time this seems to complete OK but still can't log in from pc app.
Tried downloading a new version of the portable and this also does not log in. Yet still logging in fine via a browser.
please could you help.
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Hi there @rick425

Please check if you haven't got 2 accounts set up - and you're logging in with the correct details (email address). If you have a paid subscription, you can contact our support team here with confirmation of payment and they should be able to locate it for you 😉

please help


I have the same problem

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Hi there @sameerfb4747 

Please see my reply above :wink:

I have the same problem. Everything is correct but app just keeps loading.

Please help.

Thank you for your

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Hello @Susieqtness, on which device do you have this issue? Are you able to log in online with a computer?


Tried logging into my computer but won't accept my email address or password


Tried to log into my computer but won't accept my email or password can't even log in through Facebook?

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Hi Sue. 

I’d suggest contacting deezer support. They can access your account. Most of the folks who try to help out here on the forum are not employees, and cannot access your account information.

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@Sue Ord 

If you are sure the email adress is correct and may be just the password is incorrect, you can use the option „forgot your password“ on log in page to reset it.