I am changing a number, could I keep same subscription?

  • 20 November 2023
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Hello, I have a question. Currently I am using deezer acc connected to my business number. If I change a number, could I use the same subscription ( same acc with same mail)? Could I connect new number but keep everything else? I have lots of playlist and I would be so happy if I can keep everything but connect to same mobile provider but different number. 


Best answer by Nina Nebo 20 November 2023, 21:09

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3 replies

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To log in to your Deezer account  you need  Deezer Username, Email or Password .
I think you can log in to your Deezer account if you change your mobile number . 


or contact Deezer support

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It shouldn’t be a problem. Like @Nina Nebo told you, your Deezer account connected to your email and username, not your phonenumber. So changing to a new number shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you very much for answers :)