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  • 5 December 2020
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Hi there, 


I initially opened an accpunt when i had an iPhone. I have switched off from iphone to Amdroid, its been about 1.5 years but my payment was being processed through apple account. I have asked if there is any way to change it. Since i dont wat to lose my history and create a new account. I sent an email to deezer support and I have been told it is impossible. So i paid from it. After somw time i have changed my credit card and as i dont use apply anymore my payment got declined. 


Since i have been told. That it is not possible to changemy account i uodated my details in apple ad payment got processed. 


But my account has not been updated. Now it is asking me to pay via android and it doesnt recognize my payment through apple. 


Could you please help to  resolve this issue? 



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Hi @Afshan Mahmudova as long as you login to your account with the same email and password you hav always used it doesn’t matter if you change from Apple to Android.
In this case as you have already paid via Apple and the subscription has not been activated, you’ll have to send a copy of that payment to our Deezer Support Team and let them know that you paid but the account has not been activated and they will be able to help.
I wish I could do it on my side but I can’t.
Apologies for the inconvenience. :relaxed:

Thanks a lot for your response😊 it was very helpful. I've sent over the copy of the payment. Hopefully it will get resolved. 




My account will not let me listen to music and I’ve payed the subscription 

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HI @Phantastic.V you might be logged in to a wrong account.
Please log out and login again with the email and correspondent password linked to your Deezer account.
If the problem persists please contact our Deezer Support Team