You better work..out!

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You better work..out!

Sport is a universal language that brings people together.

It boosts your self-confidence, self-discipline, teaches resilience, respect, and inspires hope! 


Also, if there is a time during the week when you NEED to have a good playlist, it’s when you are working out, which is why we have given our Workout channel a lift!




Deezer is by your side, even while you are breaking a sweat! 


We have all the music and podcasts you need to get you started, keep you going and mostly have fun along the way. 

In the channel, you will find playlists for all music tastes and sports:


Running playlists to adapt to your rhythm. 

Playlists for different sports, from zumba to yoga and skateboarding! 

Is there a particular genre that keeps you going? You can filter by that too! 


To boost your motivation even further we have asked a few artists to create Original playlists to help you stay focused. 


Hear Zara Larsson, Steve Aoki, Kelly Rowland or J Balvin (among others) motivate you through a 30 minutes session! 


A special section of our channel is dedicated to podcasts. 

You can choose them by duration to fit your schedule and listen while you are working out. 


If you are looking for some coaching or motivation to get you pumped, check our selected podcasts here! 


Time to get moving but before you go, share with us your favourite workout song in the comment section below and we’ll add it to our Community playlist

I have too many tracks to share from my gym workout playlists, but here’s a couple to add to the Community playlist!

Would be much more interested in a feature similar to Spotify’s Running where it plays music with a matching BPM to your pace. Sad to see this is just a collection of playlists...

Hey @hmnd! We wanted to offer something different from our competitors. 

But you can find running playlists based on BPM created by our partner Fitbit here!