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Is it too loud?

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Is it now too low?

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The loudness of each song may vary from one to the next, but we can now get it sorted with our new volume normalization!

This feature will be turned on by default and some users may think that it's now too low, but feel free to turn it off by following the procedures below:

Favorites tab > settings > turn on/off the volume normalisation toggle.


Make sure your phone and app are updated! More info here.

also, your feedback is highly appreciated :)



Seems to be available on web player as well . Still can’t see it on mobile . 

It's being gradually released @Noam Asulin :wink:

Has the algorithm been changed in recent months? In the past I found it caused more variability in volume rather than less. I’ll test again though.

Or, from another angle, what algorithm is this using? Is it straight amplitude-normalisation?

No changes reported @teqteq. But it might that it's a bit different on mobile. And it's loudness-normalisation, as I referred to you previously :wink:

Thank you for your support.

I’d actually like to disable volume normalization, at least sometimes.  I’ve seen the slider in the audio settings in the Android app a few days ago, but now it’s gone again.  Will the feature remain optional once it’s rolled out globally?

Hello @Holger Weiss Thank you for contacting us. It should still be available - could you please double-check? And yes, you can disable it anytime :wink:

No changes reported @teqteq. But it might that it's a bit different on mobile. And it's loudness-normalisation, as I referred to you previously :wink:

Thank you for your support.

Rudi, what does the feature do, technically?

I’d like to understand how does it affect EQ and compression of tracks.


Thanks :) 

Hey @Andre Osokin 

Thanks for reaching out and for your patience.

Our support article here cover the basics. If you'd like a more detailed explanation, let me know :wink:

Hi @Rudi 

So basically it only affects the volume, without adding extra compression. Right?

Because your EQ settings sound like multi-band compressing instead of simple EQing

Hi there @Andre Osokin 

Essentially, yes.

Our equalizer feature only uses the device own equalizer (iOS), we haven't developed one yet.

@Rudi  Does Volume Normalization apply to your own uploaded music? I think most of my uploaded mp3’s seem to differ in volume compared to songs from within Deezer regardless of the setting being turned on or off. Or is it just me?

The first thing after registering, I needed to remove volume normalization on my Web app and Android app in Deezer. Why it is default? When it is on, your music, all my music sounds average. Also you need more volume to hear. Removed and it kicks as it should. I never use volume normalization because I think it makes dance music far from original. Too flat.

If you use it, it may affect the output.

Hey @amoshi 

Our devs recommended you not to use Normalization because we don't calculate the gain on your MP3s, so Normalization might actually lower the volume. Keep us posted!

Interesting point @hpguru I guess it depends on the user experience :thumbsup_tone2:


I'm having some trouble with volume normalization. Some songs are still louder/quieter. For example, “One More Day - (Tribute to Diamond Rio)” from “Studio Allstars”, album “All American Country Volume 2”. It's way quieter than the others. But if you turn off volume normalization, it gets to the same volume as the others. This happens on Google Chrome and Android app.

And I'm getting different volume with other songs as well, just in a smaller scale.

Is it a known issue? I'm on Deezer trial and everything looks good except for this.

Thanks for letting us know @JamesVenenoso

What's the Android app version you're using? Could you please send me the link for the example above so that I can test on our side?

App version


I don't think it's an app issue, because the same happens on the web version of Deezer.

You're right, it's happening on my side @JamesVenenoso but the truth is that normalisation has to do that in order to keep all tracks on the same level. I'll pass your feedback and example to our devs.

I asked the version of the app just for the report, it's important to know if it's something connected to the version of the release as well, so thank you for the information.


Also, be aware that there are other tracks that differs in volume than the others, but by a small amount. I don't recall which ones, but they're on my “Sertanejo” playlist if you want to look it up.


I left Deezer and went to Spotify for that reason. It's very annoying to have to keep adjusting volume because of the songs. Spotify's volume normalization is perfect. Also, iTunes has that for a long time, and its perfect. I don't get why its so hard for your programmers to implement that.

Thanks for the feedback @JamesVenenoso 

The company you mentioned is bigger than Deezer, and that's also to reflect the number of developers they have. We're a different service :relaxed:

In the end, there was a problem with the track, not the volume normalisation feature. But your comments are welcome and we'll work to improve that :thumbsup_tone2:

How can I enable or disable the volume normalization in Alexa,  ie while using the Deezer skill for Alexa.