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  • 31 July 2023
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Just unbelievable, that this is a recurring issue in Deezer Version 5.30.590 (5.30.590.173) on Mac OSX, that I cannot simply click on an Artists name w/o getting an error 👎



I honestly NEVER had this issue during my 5 years subscription with Spotify, so maybe it’s time to go back to an app that actually works…


Is there no Q&A with the developers? I’m paying a premium for something that is hit or miss here...


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3 replies

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Hi @Cupart,  sorry to hear that you are having this kind of experience.
Unfortunately, this is a known issue and we are still investigating the situation.
In the meantime, could you please attempt to update your Mac to the latest version?


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Hi @Leonídia.Deezer

Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately not very helpful (or finding comfort in it will be fixed anytime soon).

I’m always running the latest versions so currently (as of 31.08.23) Deezer Version 5.30.610 (5.30.610.179) on Mac OSX 13.5.1 (22G90), and guess what popped up today. Same as the issue I reported 30 days prior (and multiple of times prior to that).

I have not seen same issues with other music streaming supplies, and yet I’m paying a premium to Deezer. Will I get a credit for the times it has not been working and/or unstable? My guess is most likely not, so maybe Deezer should just not offer Deezer as an app on Mac OSX until there is stable working version OR the QA is done properly…

Wishing you a fab weekend ahead, despite…

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Hi @Cupart,  thank you for sharing this information as well.
I have included this information in the thread where our developers are conducting their investigation.
I have also opened a ticket and linked your case to the incident we've initiated, marking it as "on-hold."
You will receive an email as soon as the problem is resolved.
We apologize for the inconvenience you are currently experiencing.