Error: Failed to play. MS0610

  • 17 September 2023
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I get the message as seen above. On the windows store app (5.30.650) and on the web app. No matter what track.
The app on my mobile, which is on the same WiFi, has no issues.
Any ideas how to solve that error?


Best answer by Leonídia.Deezer 22 September 2023, 17:41

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4 replies

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To make the error even weirder…. Podcasts play without any problem. Also the “Radio” function works just fine.

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Hi @Daviator, thanks for your messages.
The MS0610 error you're getting is basically about waiting too long for the track to play. It's probably connected to your internet connection.
So, our suggestion is to unplug your router from the power for about 30 seconds to give it a full reset.
If the error keeps popping up, it's a good idea to contact your internet provider to see if there's a technical issue on their end.

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HI @Leonídia.Deezer,

thanks for the reply. I am in contact with the Deezer support team and have already tried all suggestions. When I open the webapp in Edge, the DNS requests are send in DNS-over-QUIC and I can play music there. In the Windows App (or in Firefox web app) the requests are send in DNS-over-TLS and I cannot play music (but I can play Podcasts and Radio).
So it seems that there is a bug somewhere in the code for encrypted DNS resolving….

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Hello @Daviator , thanks for sharing this insights. I have already share than with our analysts.

I found our thread in support and my colleague has a ticket pending waiting for the feedback.

To avoid duplication of work, I recommend to close this thread and I will see that our team will reply.

But if you have any new data to share with the community, please feel free to reply here.