Deezer crashes when I move the app

  • 18 April 2023
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First of all, this issue has been reported here 


yet no solution or fix has been applied. It’s just dismissed with “you cannot reproduce it”.


I’m experiencing the same things as the others. I open Deezer, try to drag it to relocate the app to another place on the same screen or to another screen, and the app just disappears. No crash log.


This happens on two different setups, on two different machines, two different windows versions. Yes the app is the latest version. Yes, I’ve tried to reinstall the app. No, i don’t have issues with any other app.


That you are unable to reproduce the problem then just leaves this is utterly frustrating. I’m this close to move to another streaming platform. Please take this issue seriously. 

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5 replies

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Which OS version ? Both Win 10 and 11 ? What is the exact version ? 

Windows 10 and windows 11 and every single version of Deezer the last year (auto-update). The first topic I linked to had a very detailed report on all of this at that time, but even then it was dismissed with “can’t reproduce” so asking these questions really does not help. 

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I meant what is the exact windows version. The build version. I wanna try and reproduce it on my machine. 


for my part, I have the same problem.  Precision : when dragging on another screen, i have always the problem except when I just open it and drag and drop quickly.  When dragging on the same screen, they crash only after 2 or 3 seconds of dragging.  No problem when using shortcurts “Windows + Shit + Arrow”.

I install Deezer with chocolatey and I have this problem since a long time.

For information, I have 3 screens.

My current deezer version : 5.30.540

My current windows version :

My laptop specification (HP ZBOOK 15 G6) :


I have the same problem.  This PC was on windows 10 21H2 (two monitors) and had the same issue.  I recently installed windows 11 (reformat, so fresh installation), and the issue is also occurring.


I am able to reproduce the issue any time required, so if there is a log I can send in I would be happy to.