Deezer App Update WebOS LG TV

  • 17 October 2019
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Hello Team,


Will the Deezer App be updated on WebOS TV?

Its not been updated since quite a long time…

I can’t play all songs in my favorite playlist.


Thank you


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37 replies

YES! @dylanaver 

We're about to release an update for this! It's with LG at the moment :money_mouth::smile:

Stay tuned! (literally) 


It's unbelievable how shockingly bad this service really is.

I switched from Spotify to Deezer today because Spotify does not support freedom of speech and has censored one of my favourite songs without explanation. On Deezer you can find this song.

I bought Deezer premium, transferred my music library to Deezer, downloaded the app to my computer and now finally to my LG smart TV.

This is where the real problems started. I thought the PC app was just slow and poorly developed, but when I moved into the living room in front of the TV, my surprise was massive. What an utter load of bull sh*t.

I can't play my favourite songs at all, wtf? I can only put on a shuffle mix, which always has the same 25 god damn songs out of the 2200 songs on my list. Whats The point of this?

Not only is the TV app slow as hell, I can't rewind the songs either! Are you serious? Deezer, really? Well, the choice is easy after this, I'll cancel my Deezer subscription, "praise" it to everyone I know and delete everything related to your service. Thank God I haven't cancelled my Spotify subscription yet. Points for you for not practising censorship and for the music being in FLAC format, really, but as I am sure you are well aware, it is not enough, if the apps are technically this bad. The user experience is practically miserable, really really miserable.

On my smartphone, the Deezer app works reasonably well and you can even listen to the songs you like, wow, "nice job". The only thing is that the app is still on the level of Duplo compared to Spotify, which is on the level of Lego Technic. Do you even try? Lg WebOS app seems to have been complained about more than once and you have promised an updated app for users. 2 years ago! LG's app was last updated in 2016. Good luck and success to your company. I will continue with Spotify.

Let's see about switching from Spotify back to Deezer when you even have the basic things in order.

Greetings from Finland!


The app works on my 2021 LG TV all of the sudden. I believe the app version is still from 2016, but it works...

Let’s establish today a new holiday! Thank you!

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The new version of Deezer app is here today! 💜

yep using the LG TV app now (released Apr 29, 2022), but the player is not showing HIFI. Checked settings in app and only option is to logoff. Is it already playing HIFI? and if not how to do it? Help Admin

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Hey there @JP Macalinao

You should be able to see the audio quality! 

Can you please send us a screenshot of what you see? 

Hey there @JP Macalinao

You should be able to see the audio quality! 

Can you please send us a screenshot of what you see? 

No hifi. Can you help?

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Hey there! 

I talked to our developers and they said they are working to have the sound quality displayed soon! 

Anyways, if your have Hifi in your offer, then the music is played in Flac quality, even if it does not say 😉

Hey there! 

I talked to our developers and they said they are working to have the sound quality displayed soon! 

Anyways, if your have Hifi in your offer, then the music is played in Flac quality, even if it does not say 😉

Ill take your word for it i guess, but pls update that soon. Also display the album in the now playing screen.

Well, the LG update is here and, tbh, maybe it would be better if it was not rolled out.

I had to major issues with the old one:

  1. Favourite list was not possible to see in full - only 10 or so songs were there without possibility to “see more”.
  2. Search was slow and the letters were in line - no keyboard - so using magic remote was awkward, especially since you couldn’t press another letter until the app found predicted result.

New app solved the first issue. Search is somewhat improved  as you don’t have to wait for predictions before typing another letter, but the awkward “keyboard” was retained. I find this to be much better in Spotify app as it uses a normal qwerty keyboard on screen.

However, new app is much worse.

  1. Artist discography is all mixed up and when you open it, regular albums are mixed with compilations and singles/EPs. This is annoying especially for those artists who have an extensive back catalogue. Possibility to sort A-Z or by the release date doesn’t help much since most of the release dates are not correct - presented are Deezer release dates, not true album release dates.
  2. A widget showing what’s playing is visible only on the home screen, so you have to go back from the album/playlist screen to see it. Old app had a possibility to see the menu on the top of the screen so you could browse between views much more quickly. It’s also annoying that whenever you exit playlist screen and come back, it always moves you back to top and that was something which made me stop using the app on my Onkyo receiver.
  3. Most importantly, possibility to “add to the queue/playlist” or “listen next” is removed. This was the best feature in the old app and it’s really a deal breaker. To be honest, if I could (or know how to) move my music to Spotify app i would do it in an instant and cancel Deezer.

As per the HiFi...I have a “Premium” subscription via Croatian Telecom as a partner. I had some issues with my subscription 2 years ago when I wanted to switch to direct Deezer subscription, but it was for some reason not possible (don’t get me started on that:-)) and I really wanted to have a HiFi one. However, some days prior to upgrade, I noticed that my account on LG TV was shown as “HiFi”. This is possibly due to my switch to another provider’s optical network and connecting my TV via LAN cable. As I installed the new app TV shows my regular “Premium” subscription. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to really test the quality or the difference thereof. Bottom line - strange things happened.

@Tomislav968 is "HIFI" showing on the now playing track for you?


@Yula I did comparisons from casting (with HIFI logo) and LG app (no HIFI logo on now playing). I am not convinced the LG app is HIFI. Bass is much fuller on casting. Hope you fix this ASAP.

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Just to update this thread, following a recent update to the LG WebOS, I had to update my Deezer app, which worked successfully, Deezer is back on my TV!