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I have audiopro speaker and would like to know if i can use deezer App to play music straight trough the speaker. Audiopros own app has deezer support but its via that app which is horrible. Is there a way to play music by deezer app or is it only way to play it via audiopro app? 


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Hi there @fingersofsteel 

Thanks for reaching ut out about this. If your Audiopro speaker is compatible with Chromecast, our app can cast it directly to it. Another option could be Bluetooth.

But if these aren't possible, our public API will be improved in the near future, so that Audiopro can improve their app according to that :v_tone2:

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I have just bought AUDIOPRO speakers (ADDON C10 & C5) and found out that SPOTIFY has the option to stream on multiples speaker using its own app whereas for DEEZER you need to go through AUDIOPRO app which is not very user friendly, any plans to copy the same model as SPOTIFY ? I am afraid that I may want to move to SPOTIFY in case DEEZER does not offer this service. Thanks a lot in advance. 

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Hey @Celianlemaignen 

We get you, absolutely. It's on the plans, yes. Please vote for it here and stay tuned to the topic's updates :wink:

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Looking forward to the update!

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Hey @Celianlemaignen 

Thank you for your support. Have you voted for the idea I mentioned above? If not, please do so, the more support, the more the priority!

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Yes i-ve voted. 

So? Audio Pro app can work with Deezer??

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Yes it works but only using Audio Pro APP whereas it would be better to use DEEZER APP to broadcast multi room sound system. 

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Hey @Acid_Aviator have you seen my reply above? Please vote for the idea mentioned :wink: Like @Celianlemaignen did.

2021 will be a great year for us and you, with all we have planned!

Hi Rudi, 

What's new about this question?

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We haven't had any news on this yet @NicolasSintive but thanks for asking, I always prompt our devs about updates and this is no exception :relaxed:

The plan is to sort our SDK first, so that we can have proper integrations in the near future. And that work takes quite a while - good news is that we've already started it.

Still nothing for Deezer from Audio pro who doesn't seem very concerned about Deezer users. It's really disappointing.

Trying out Deezer but lack of proper audiopro support is a big contra, please fix this.

Hi still no further with the Audiopro Deezer App update?! 


I just get an AudioPro C10 and I am so desapointed to realize the preset buttons can only be used to play Spotify playlists...

Hi everybody.

The Deezer integration into my audiopro link 2 device is not working anymore. I tried a Factory reset but it is the same, I just cannot log in. The message I obtain is "invalid signature". Audio pro do not answer. Is anybody facing the same pb ? Have you any tip I could try ??

Thanks a lot !

Hello. I use an audio streamer based on LinkPlay A31 module and WiiM applications. There are many of them. Some of them e.g. AudioPro app and 4Stream app have an integration with Deezer and Tidal etc. Currently I cannot log into Deezer nor to Tidal. One month ago Tidal worked without a problem. Now I cannot log in (from the streamer) - there is no error message. Logging into Deezer (from the streamer) gives the error “Invalid signature”. Internet radios are working fine - they do not require logging in. So far I am stuck here. It will be probably very complicated to figure the problem out. There are many 3rd parties involved in this chain. The streaming platforms, audio streamer’s manufacturer, application maker, internet provider, routers in my own network. I plan to test it in some other network using other internet provider - just to rule out some options.

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Hi @Vomytho @Etchie, sorry to hear that you can’t login any more.
As Etchie mention issue is not just with Deezer, and also as this is happening on a third part app, I strongly suggest you reach the manufacture of the impacted app so they can have a look in the code.
If they need Deezer help, pretty sure they will have an internal channel to reach our developers.

Same here, just bought the latest audioc10 mkII. It only works for Spotify?!?

Deezer login is failing.(EXCEPTION ERRO)

It seem that the problem (based on previous comments) is months or years old...

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Hello @Paga99 could you please share a screenshot with the (Exception Error) message.
Have you contacted AudioPro’s support too?

if someone needs it again in the future. 

switch off both phone and device. leave the device overnight (updates happen I guess).

then try connecting through the app, it should work.

I was not able to connect through deezer connect though.

to use the preset buttons, you can only use in the audio pro app after logging in the deezer embedded app.

follow this video to setup your preset buttons.

Limitations: you can only use the deezer admin account stream to set the preset buttons. Good luck!


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Thanks @Paga99 for sharing this tips with our users and the screenshots

Like mentioned above, I recommend that you reach out Audiopro support as the issue happens inside there app. 

If necessary they can reach out internally our developers to tight anything lose.