labels/tags for specific genres and be able to add entire artists to playlist

  • 11 April 2021
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I want to create playlists.  I don't want to spend hours doing it.  I would like to see:

1) In favorites > Artists I would like to see a filter option by Genre.  I would also like to see the pre-assigned Genre (as labeled by Deezer) and be able to edit it as necessary for my own user preferences.  E.g. Deezer broader Genres like "rock" and "rap" would be fine but I would like to edit so I can be more specific, e.g. "emo", "punk," "conscious rap," e.t.c.  

Just like Google email has labels. 

2) seriously need to be able to add entire artists to playlist.  This would aid greatly in music discovery and playlist creation.   

P.s.  Deezer so far is better on user interface/options than spotify,  so trying it out, but still not enough user power.   Still easier the old fashioned way of having MP3s and using folders or media player playlists or batch programs to amend file names or meta data.   

Deezer needs to think about power users who are going to curate...

5 replies

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Hi @DbMusic thanks for your suggestion and Feedback, sounds really good. We need some votes for your idea first (you have mine already) before presenting it to our developers.
Feel free to encourage other users to votes in other topics/threads in the Community. :relaxed:

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I very much agree with point (1)….but NOT just for artists; the lack of being able to sort by genre in a playlist(tracks), albums AND artists is frustrating especially for someone whose musical tastes cover anything from metal/hard rock through to opera and classical and has/will eventually have 100’s/1000’s of favourites and wants, perhaps, to play a particular genre from my favourites depending on my mood: yes, of course, I could create separate playlists called “Classical Favourites”, “Rock Favourites” but it would be so much easier with just the filter the OP suggests….

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Hi @therave66, thank you for sharing your comments.
This contribution is highly valuable to our developers as our main goal is to continue improving the Deezer app to provide the best possible music experience for our users.