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  • 23 October 2022
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 I have a Deezer subscription through my operator Yettel.  Two months ago I used the app without any problem.  Then I used it with my phone number.  After a while I wanted to use it again, but I can't log in with my phone number anymore.  I created a new account with my email, but I can't add my phone number and I can't use my subscription.  I logged in and when I wanted to see my account status, it's still free for Deezer.  I called Yettel's call center and they said there was no problem with them.

iPhone 11
 Ask for assistance!
 Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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When you see your account showing free status… are you logged in with your email? If so, it’s because of the new account you created that has no payed subscription. 
And if you still aren’t able to login with your phone number, this imho definitely is a support case for Yettel. 
Only if logging in with phone number works and the paid subscription doesn’t appear it will make sense to contact Deezer support. But anyway you can try and maybe they can help.

Thanks for the quick response!  When I try to log into the Deezer app with my number (+359) a message pops up

“Sorry, you cannot use a phone number to sign up in your country. Please sign up with a valid email address.”.

Is there a problem with access with a Bulgarian number in the application?
Thanks in advance again!


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Ok, when signing up for the subscription via Yettel, they must have told you what data to use for logging in. Was this the phone number? If i understand correctly you told this worked for some time…

Has something changed since this was working? Another smartphone with different app store location? Are you trying to use the app from another country? 
I think getting in contact with Deezer support via chat will be the best way to get deeper into the issue.