why cant i listen to my favourite tracks

Why when I try to play my favourite tracks it will play so many then skip to a playlist… I added the tracks on the playlist to my favourite tracks then deleted playlist logged out then logged back in now deezer is trying to to still play a playlist instead of letting me listen to my fav tracks 


Best answer by Yula 26 July 2022, 12:43

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Hello @nikkipring42

this is a very unusual behaviour. 

If you open the app-Favourites-Play

It should only pick song from your favourites! 


Hay yula 

It use to do that it would play a favourite song then randomly choose another song from my favourite list but now it won’t I’ll be lucky if it plays a whole song from beginning to end. It’s continuously trying to load another playlist even tho I deleted all play lists thinking this would solve the problem. However it didn’t so now it’s trying to skip and play a playlist that no longer exists.