Vocals are muffled but instruments sound fine

On the app for iOS I’m suddenly getting a strange problem: the vocals of the song are muffled and sound like the singer is far away, but the instruments all sound normal.  I’ve tried every settings change I can see and nothing works.

Incidentally, I’ve gotten this same problem on another app before, and the situation there was to sign out of all other devices.  But that doesn’t seem to apply here because one, there is no setting where I can sign out of all devices with one click, and two, according to my app, my phone is the only device connected to my account… which isn’t true.  (I have my desktop and laptop connected and yet those aren’t listed in the app.)

I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 15.4.1 and the app is the latest version as well.  It’s not an issue of updating.  Please help.



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Hey @basselope7 

Do you have the problem with all songs or with specific tracks?
Are headphones paired?

Only mobile devices appear in the device overview. Desktop and web version are not visible.

Yeah, um… you’re not going to believe this.


The problem this time was my adapter was plugged in upside down.  🤦🏻


Thanks anyway.

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The problem this time was my adapter was plugged in upside down.  🤦🏻

Okayyyyy… 😆