Random logout and deletion of downloaded tracks

  • 4 December 2019
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Has anyone else experienced where the deezer app just logs you out? I would be listening to music just fine and then all of a sudden my music stops, I am then logged out, need to sign in again and need to re-download all of my offline tracks. 


Latest IOS version on iPhone 8+. 


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8 replies

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Hi there @Bennie.van.der.Walt 

Thanks a lot for reporting this to us. So far I've seen one other user reporting something similar to us. Could you try reinstalling the app to see if this stops? How frequently does this happen by the way?

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 Hi Rudi,

Thanks for you reply. 

It happens only around 1 time per month, so not very often, but it is highly frustrating wanting to play a song and then you get kicked out and now you can't listen to music because all of your offline tracks are gone, and lets say you were busy driving somewhere. 


We will uninstall the app and see if the issue persists, although this has been happening even through multiple updates have been installed first. 

I also see it happening on the Windows 10 app, I tend to not have music downloaded on my computer so I don't loose songs, but I'm assuming if I did have music downloaded those would also be removed on my computer when I get logged out. 

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Hey again @Bennie.van.der.Walt 

I've carried out some maintenance on your account on top of that, just to be safe. I've sent a password reset email too. Try avoiding log in with FB or Google. Instead, use your email address and the password you'll be changing :thumbsup_tone2:

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Hi @Rudi, Thank you for your reply. I will try and see if that helps. 

Hi rudi I also have a issues that everytime I play music's it logs me out please fix this 


I'm having this log out issue too,  dazZhelp!!!!!!!

This also happens to me but like everytime I surpass 7 songs of any playlist, I always need to log in again...I tried to unistall and reinstall it again but it changed nothing.


I was listening to music just last night no problem, then all of a sudden today i try and open it, and i am asked to login.

  1. no, i did not re-boot by phone
  2. no, i did not re-install the app nor did i dump the app data
  3. The app was updated 3 days ago.

This also happened one other time the app was updated. Mind you I am NOT on iOS but I though I would post here just in case this is a server issue, or something that introduced cross platform.