Problems when playing "Shine on your crazy diamond" by pink floyd

  • 6 November 2022
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I keep running into problems when playing this song: 

The track gets interrupted, often at the same time, at about 1:40-2:00.

It sounds like deezer suddenly wants to play another song and then runs into an error, ending the stream completely.

Am I the only one running into this problem? How could this be solved?

(btw. I had this problem mainly on a MacBook Air 2020 on Safari. Latest software updates are installed.)


Thanks! :)

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2 replies

Hey @enteranuniqueusername 

no probs with HiFi

no probs with HQ

no probs with SQ


Testet with Chrome @ Macbook Pro.

Maybe something is wrong in the Safari cache?

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I could also play that song without stopping in HiFi quality with the Deezer web player in MS Edge. Maybe you have a slow internet connection or Wi-Fi at home, as buffering a 13 minutes song in FLAC will use more connection resources than a shorter one or in lower quality? Deezer recommends at least a 5mbit connection for one HiFi stream, as far as I remember.