My songs keep disappearing on my playlist

  • 9 March 2021
  • 9 replies

My songs keep disappearing on my playlist 

9 replies

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Hi @Davion.Tinsley I am sorry to hear that. I have made some changes in your account and also sent you a password reset link via email. Please click on that link and create a new password and login again.
If the problem persists just let me know.


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Is this happening on iOS, @Davion.Tinsley?


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I sometimes see this bug appearing too on Android. The moment you think: “where the hell is that track I used to listen so much?!” and suddenly it’s not in your favorites anymore…

At first I thought I accidentally removed those tracks by hitting the heart button again. But it happens too much to be a coincidence :laughing:

Maybe a little bug to be fixed?

OnePlus 8t - Android 11 - Deezer

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Definitely one to be fixed @Martijn.Keymis we're still looking into it. @Davion.Tinsley :pray_tone2:

I had that problem too and am sometimes seeing songs again without a heart that I had definitely favorited before, but since I never knew, which ones I had lost before, I don’t know whether this was a recently lost song or from before the issue was potentially solved.

 Therefore the question: Has this issue been resolved?

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This should not happen @testingcommunity I’ll inform our developers. However, if you can provide one or more examples, it would be very helpful.
Thanks :)

One example can be seen in the attached screenshots. A song is playing and it has no heart, but it shows up, when I look through my favorites, but also without a heart. And some songs I had definitely added, completely disappeared from my favorites and I had to readd them.

I don’t know how this can happen and I don’t know whether it happened in the past and is now fixed and I will just encounter songs that were affected over time or whether is a persisting issue.

Screenshots are from Feb 17, 2022.




Hi my songs keep disappearing in my playlist and then i can not find them anymore and sometimes its just in my playlist but i can not play it.