Deezer not showing in « Now Playing » on iOS and AppleWatch

  • 12 November 2023
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Since the last update (with the new logo), music playing in Deezer does not appear on the iOS “Now Playing” widget, on the Lock Screen, and of course on the Apple Watch “Now Playing” section. 
Which means that if I want to, say, skip a song or pause, I have to unlock my phone, find the Deezer icon, open the app and find the controls. 
It happens on all of my family’s devices, running iOS 17 ou 16, and no other iPhone settings have changed since the Deezer app update. 
Please fix it. 


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4 replies

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Hi @Toni.B,

May sound simple, but did you try a reinstall of the Deezer app?

On my iPhone SE I can see Deezer in the lock screen and I can use the lock screen.

I’m running Deezer with 16.6.1.
(I’ll try another iPhone with 17.1.1 later and I’ll get back to you)


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I tried it on an iPhone with iOS 17.1.1 and also here, no issues.


Hello @awesomemac ,

Thank you for your replies, I reinstalled the app and it worked… for 10 days. I hope the Deezer team fixes this issue soon, it’s very annoying. Not only the controls don’t appear on Lock Screen, but also if I try to pause the music using my AirPods, it will instead start playing whatever is in queue from Apple’s Music or Podcasts app.

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I’m no software engineer, but I can’t understand why I don’t have any issues with the lock screen on my iPhone and you do. I don’t use Apple AirPods, but JBL earbuds. Also without any problems.