Deezer Connect broken again

  • 28 July 2023
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Using a Mac mini connected to my Hi-Fi system running Deezer 5.30.590 (5.3.590.173) and an iPad running Deezer 9.44.0 ( to select songs using Deezer Connect. When I first set this all up it worked for several months. Then suddenly the iPad Deezer app could no longer find the Mac mini when  I would activate Deezer connect. I reinstalled and updated many times and a few weeks ago it started working again. Occasionally I would lose the connection and have to uninstall the iPad app and reinstall just to find the Mac mini. But this time even that is not working. I think this needs to be a priority for Deezer because users are inclined to want HD and that requires a direct connection between a streaming pc and the Hi-Fi system, and obviously users will want to be able to control that streaming pc from the listening position. Is there any work on this or time available to take a look at it?


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6 replies

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Hi @Planetbopp, sorry to hear that you are having this kind of experience.
Unfortunately, this is a known issue and we are still investigating the situation.
In the meantime, could you please reinstalling the app.

Hi just to add to the topic. 

Deezer connect won’t work in none of my iOS devices but on my android is everything smooth. 

From my iPhone to my iPad no connection. From my iPhone or my iPad to any android devices, no connection too.


And between my android to android devices everything works.


Running the last app version and the last iOS version, stable release. 


Any info about that ?



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Hello @Fcc indeed that is what is really happening. Between Android devices and even with PC all works fine. Only when you use iOS devices is that we have an issue ongoing.

Sorry for that inconvenience. We are looking to solve this issue asap. Thanks for sharing.

@Leonídia.Deezer thank you for your reply.

I'll wait for the fix, since I'm new to Deezer and like it more than other streamings. For me the Flow and all the new recommendations and new musics that are played are excellent.


EDIT.: I don't see here the option “Deezer connect” on my windows app.

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Hi @Fcc I missed your last message.

Fingers cross that we will have this fix in the coming months.

Regarding your last observation, you will only find Deezer Connect on the mobile applications - Check HERE for more details.

Hi @Leonídia.Deezer , thank you for keeping us up to date on this issue. Please do keep up the effort to restore this feature. It is an extremely important function of Deezer and will increasingly be critical for people seeking good sound quality on a low and medium budget. I’m talking about the customers who don’t want to buy Hi-Fi streamers for several K. These users need to be able to control their Hi-Fi systems with good quality speakers and amps which are connected to a pc as a sound source  from their phones or tablets, exactly the same way that stereo users control their streamers through their phone or tablet using roon and tidal. It was very hard to explain to your technician exactly what the problem was because he didn’t know what an amplifier and a set of hi-fi stereo speakers are - clearly the wrong person for this job, as most app techies are completely out of their depth when it comes to sound quality - they expect all users to be using Bluetooth speakers or some crap. The thing is, why would I have a Hi-Fi Deezer subscription if I’m connecting to a crappy Amazon speaker via Bluetooth???

anyway, please keep at it. Deezer connect was working well until this year, so let’s hope you figure out the problem this year. I have just over one month left on my annual Deezer subscription. If this is t fixed by then I will switch to tidal.