[bug report] lyrics not displaying on iOS version

  • 29 October 2022
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iOS Deezer version

Lyrics open, but display nothing (see image)


-clearing cache

-restarting phone

- happens for every song

- happens when connected to wifi and 4g




Best answer by Yula 31 October 2022, 17:03

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4 replies

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Hello there @Dries Mockers

I just tried to reproduce the issue but coud not. (see picture below) 

I suspect a connection issue or maybe just your smart cache? 
Could you try deleteing it? 

Here is how to do it:


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Hey Yula,

Thanks for the feedback!

I cleared the smart cache before my post, but back then it did not help.

Earlier today I had the same issue with lyrics, but now I can see them, so I’m not sure what the issue was.


Thanks for the help!

@Dries Mockers @Yula 

We found the cause in the German community.

The currently available deezer app for iOS and iPadOS 9.25 cannot display the lyrics. There is a bug in it.

deezer app 9.26 (currently beta) cannot do this either. 😐

Only with version 9.27 (currently beta) the lyrics are displayed again. 😃

Hope, this helps.

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Great to hear! Thank you very much for the follow-up!