Support for third party apps to stream Deezer content

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I am the lead developer of the Amazing Slow Downer app for iOS and Android.


Our particular app is very popular and is used by musicians, teachers, dancers, etc. and lets the user play music more slowly, change the pitch, loop a section and a lot more. It has the best available slow down algorithm, actually developed at IRCAM in Paris / France.

It works with physical files but the iOS and Android versions also used to work with Spotify.


But Spotify decided to not allow streaming from third party apps starting September 1 2022 and we are looking for a better alternative. We think Deezer is exactly that!


Amazing Slow Downer is very often the most popular paid music app on the App Store and during the years we often get requests from our users to add support for Deezer.


We have implemented basic support for Deezer using the info available here:

Amazing Slow Downer for iOS works perfect with the 30-second preview songs that’s available at Deezer. Of course Amazing Slow Downer needs access to the full-length songs. We think a partnership between Deezer and our company would be beneficial for both parties.


Interested Deezer users may download and try out the free lite version for iPhone/iPad here:


So, please make it possible for third party apps to stream Deezer audio!


Thanks for listening,

Rolf Nilsson / Roni Music


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