Deezer Discord rich presence

It would be neat if Deezer had Discord rich presence so it would display the current playing track, album art, artist name, how long into the track the user is and a link to the track.

Something like Spotify added recently.

I love using Discord and I think it would be great if Deezer implemented Rich Presence like Spotify did. You can listen to music with friends in your server and it just looks nice too.

Here's the link to their page:

I've also included a screen-cap of Rich Presence for Spotify.
Hi there, great idea! I have noted this one down.

Sorry for the very late reply. We are going through all ideas at the moment and it is a lot of work 😉
Hi @RandomDude124 I have moved your suggestion to this one as they are the same. Vote for this topic to get more attention ;)

Hopefully you can soon use Deezer on Discord 😉
@Flo.Deezer No problemo. Thanks for your attention!
I made something which is pretty janky :D

If that link is broken:
@LeonLaci wooow, cool! Thanks for that!
It would be great if Deezer was implemented on Discord like Spotify does.
For the devs of Deezer: just use this module in the Deezer Desktop beta
I didn't wanted to create the new thread , so i'll ask here : Any update on this ? It's really annoying that everyone glorifies Spotify, yet Deezer is so much better ,even better with rich presence for Discord users.
Interested in this idea, would be really nice to have this feature implemented!
hey 🙂 has this idea been abandonned ? it really would be very neat
Still nothing? 😞

Would love to have Deezer on Discord
i know this has probably been asked thousands of times, but i have seen a few posts here about discord rich presence or a partnership with discord like Spotify has, some dating back up to a year. when is this coming, the ONLY reason why i haven't switched to Deezer from Spotify is because of discord integration. And I'm sure that is the same for 80% of people here. the Deezer application is so much smoother and more appealing as well as having the clear advantage of better quality. I'm waiting for the day that i can cancel Spotify for good and move to here, but i need the discord Integration first 🙂
Hi there @Bxnie

Thanks for the feedback. I thought it was better to place your comment here so it adds weight to the idea and keeps it fresh. Please vote for it if you haven't done so 😉
Discord offers an integration with Spotify that allows people to see what other people are listening to - see article

As I just moved from Spotify, this is a feature I really seem to miss. Can we get something similar?

I've switched from Spotify to Deezer today - this seems like the only feature that I really miss. I upvoted the idea and hopefully it'll get implemented eventually.
Hi there @ncodeyx

Please register your vote here. Your feedback is important 😉
Just trying to bump this thread. I like Deezer, but for love of god, please make this happen, don't be like Spotify who needs big number of upvotes to add idea.

How to conect dezzer to discord??
Hi there @sxseth

Apart from DeezCord, you'll need to vote for integration here.
Since Spotify already has Discord integration, why not add Deezer as well ? I love using Deezer, but having lack of integration if it in Discord makes me kinda sad. That way people will hear more of Deezer, and maybe use it, i prefer Deezer over Spotify anyway, if you could enable this, it would be awesome.
I voted, i hope this gets implemented, don't be like Spotify who doesn't care.
Is there an update on this? Seeing the github repo, with a proper API this should be very easy to implement.

Deezer should step up with competitors and start offering the same features.
Not at the moment @ncodeyx but we'll keep this topic updated once there's progress!
Get this idea back into the spotlight. Deezer Team, if you want to compete with Spotify (who already does this), you've got to get onto Discord Integration man. Discord has a massive reach and you would only benefit to give it due support. Deezer Discord Integration/Rich Presence is something that we want and we need in the social gaming community, a market that is far from small.

Let's get this back onto the agenda. When are we gonna have it please?