Annual subscription for Deezer Family and Deezer Hifi (yearly subscription for every plan)

It seems that Deezer do not support yearly subscriptions and a workaround is to purchase a Gift Card however these are only available for Premium and not HiFi. I thereby suggest:

1) A more flexible subscription model than per month e.g. 6 months and 1 year for any plans

2) Gift Card for HiFi or just generic gift cards that are not bound to a plan, instead when a gift card is redeemed the money are added to your account

Is there any offers for family yearly subscription.

I cannot find a link for family yearly subscription
Hi there, this is not something we offer. You can have Family only as monthly subscription 😉
I’m in the UK and would love to commit to Deezer HiFi for the next year, but it’s extortionately expensive at £19.99 a month, almost three times what I pay for my family’s Netflix. And there isn’t even a Family plan for HiFi, so that would be £59.97 for all three of us. Love Deezer HiFi, but you need to offer better incentives to keep me a customer, so how about some discounted plans for people who want to enjoy the HiFi service?
Hi there @Nialli

Thank you for your feedback, I've passed it on and changed the status of your idea. Hope it gets more votes 😉
@Nialli: You forgot to vote for your idea. 😉
Nice idea, it will be cheaper than 12months together.

But what if they launch Hi Fi Family plan (around 29,99€ 6 persons) and you have paid the whole year? As far as I know, one time you pay Deezer, they don't give back money.
Thanks for your suggestion! Make more users vote for it to get a better chance of being implemented 😉
You have my vote. Today I saw a 2 persons plan in Spotify (12,49€/month), it would be great to have it on Deezer! Also in HiFi suscription! Which will be more than 12,49€, but with better quality sound and cheaper than 2 individual HiFi plans

Nice suggestion 😉
Have been running Deezer for a week or so and I like it.The only thing and which I have hard to understand why it is so hard to offer a decent and flexible purchase offering. Give the user to choose monthly, per year or whatever and sometimes you want to buy a gift card as a birthday gift or something. Hence this request.

To the Deezer team: Think flexibility

Cheers, @WooLand Adam!

Hi everyone, just to let you know that we'll be working on this in 2020 :)

32 days left :yum:

Hi! Can I buy Deezer Hi-Fi for a year? Is it the same as Deezer Premium or not?

I mean I don’t need lossy audio streaming, I need streaming in FLAC.

Premium is “only” HQ, i.e. MP3 at 320kbps. For FLAC streaming you need the HiFi account which you can subscribe to for one year in advance, I think. Not sure if there are special offers in this case or not.

On which device do you want to listen to HiFi?

I already have HiFi account, and the payment will be in a month. And I’ve seen the possibility to pay for a year at a discount, but for “Premium” subscription. So, from your answer I got that unfortunately it’s not for my subscription.


Hi there @Kate White 

Thank you for reaching out. Yes, our yearly payment with a discounted price is only available for Premium subscriptions at the moment. I'll be passing your feedback on any way, it's a good suggestion :thumbsup_tone2:

Thank you very much, Rudi!

Hi @Kate White you can vote for the annual Deezer Hifi subcription at the top of this page :wink:

Hi @Kate White you can vote for the annual Deezer Hifi subcription at the top of this page :wink:

Thank you! I’ve voted. And I think I should tell that I’m Russian. So do it for my country too, please.

Hi please would you consider adding annual subscription for the family plan? 

Hi @Pb.369 please vote for the annual Deezer Family subscription at the top of this page. We cannot promise anything but we try our best to make it happen :wink:

Существует ли подписка Hi-Fi на год? Сколько стоит?

Hi there @Tigrik 

Sorry for my reply in English - Russian isn't supported in our community at the moment.

Please see the topic above and vote for the idea :wink:

Deezer NEEDS a new FAMILY ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION!! I would give MY money for this BUT unfortunately ONLY AMAZON has this intelligent feature. UNTIL Deezer sees the NEED for this I will not continue to be a paying member of Deezer no matter how good they are. Sad but for now Deezer REFUSES to see reason.