Add ability to buy songs that are not available to stream

  • 11 January 2019

This idea started because I want to listen to songs from the album 'Diamonds in the rough' by Avenged Sevenfold. It is not available to listen to without purchasing it or watching it on video. On Amazon you can buy the whole digital album or on YouTube you can watch the video.

I propose adding the ability to buy these types songs so they can be listened to in Deezer, allow adding them to download, favorites and playlists. I love deezer for lossless music which is why I've chosen it. This would fill a missing gap of music for many people I believe.
Hi there, Amazon sells music, but Deezer has a different business model, we are only streaming service. But you still can add your mp3 -
Hi there, Amazon sells music, but Deezer has a different business model, we are only streaming service. But you still can add your mp3 -

That would be a solution if uploaded MP3 would showed as albums. But you must first fiddle with upload (you can't see if client is uploading or is finished or is doing nothing). And when you are lucky that all songs are in Deezer and you see them (web or desktop app most of the time doesn't show them all, but android does), you must do a Playlist, sort mp3's and add album photo. And when you select artist it doesn't show in discography selection. ...
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I will add few things:

I buy music from iTunes for djing, but I still listen to music streaming.

People will still listen to streaming music, but if the listener loves a track / album and he wants to buy this album as a sign of respect or the need to buy this album, he can do it.

At the same time, an interesting thing works, he buys one album or several tracks, but at the same time he continues to pay for streaming and listen to other tracks online.  This has been working on iTunes for years.

You can also sell formats such as:

- m4a (aac)

- mp3

- wav / aiff

- dsd

Selling physical media like vinyl can be especially cool.

Merch is a separate profit that can be organized through a deezer.

There are a certain number of music lovers who will want to buy something physical from an artist, be it vinyl, a hat, or stickers.

Arranging the purchase of music will not bankrupt the streamin business model.  This can make the system even more flexible, hybrid.

The listener will still not buy 1,000 tracks that he has in his collection.

It would also be a good way to separate the store from the streaming service, that is, even buying an album, this does not affect streaming in any way, the user still has to pay a monthly fee.

If people can buy all these in one place - it looks wonderful!  This opens up even more involvement of music lovers in deezer.