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Programmable interval training, workouts

I would like to do some interval training with the ability to listen to my favorite deezer playlist. This option should have the possibility to program a beep. For example : run for two minutes untill the beep, then walk for one minute until the beep...... that must be programmed by the user. Or the ap could have a few standard programs.... that also can be an option.

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Interesting idea @niels. v. t maybe the programming can be part of a smart watch version of the app.
I've changed the status of it and left my vote as well. Hope it gets more votes from users!
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Hi @niels. v. t

I have the Fitbit Ionic smart watch which allows you to store Deezer playlists for offline use (so you can train without your phone).

The watch allows you set alerts at intervals like you suggested so it might be worth you looking into 🙂
Thanx@Rob Igo I have never thought t about that! although it's not an investment I'm gonna make because I'm using a garmin watch already..... this meets my expectations in the variety of trainingsoptions.(triathlon + stats) I miss the intervall possibility, specialy because I'd like to train with music on the ears.
and @Rudi.... thanx for your support!! wish for more fans of this idea 😎👍👍
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@niels. v. t and @Rob Igo

I find this subject really cool and I hope we work on this in the near future!
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This idea could be also related to Artificial Intelligence. Playing music according to your heart rate rythm, your pace. If you run faster, then play an energetic song . Maybe pop or electronic, but jazz isn't apropiate for that moment. And when you run slowlier, start a song for recovery , not so energetic.

If you stop, Deezer could stop playing music and your training app would be able to speak to you. And when you begin again, it continues playing music.

What about matching GPS track with songs you were listening to? So later, you can see on your device what song was playing Deezer when you crossed a particular coordinate.

Voice controls are also very necessary doing sport.