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Favourite Tracks Limit of 2000 too small (and only shows 1000 on mobile app)

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Please fix the limitation of favorite songs and albums bug. I love Deezer, but am thinking about dropping my subscription because of limitations like this. Also, sometimes it is difficulty to find the exact song you want when searching. It seems like the search function may be inaccurate at times.

Thanks for your consideration on this issue.
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Im tired of hearing" soon " and nothing seems to be moving forward. Lip service. Same algorithm to have songs shuffle and replay. The same songs n near exact order. Pathetic. $10 a month for this type of experience? = FRUSTRATION

no more for me I cancelled my paid subscription and deleted my free account.

Went to amazon music. And back to spotify

At keast amazon includes everything that I downloaded even from a out side source.

Ive close to 2500 songs on what seems a true shuffle mix.
Now im happy.

This was a good devorce from deezer.

Maybe they will repair all the issues people are asking for.


" sooooooooooon "

Have a great day everyone !
I'm in Deezer's 15-day free period and was thinking about signing Deezer until I got to that topic, this limitation is pathetic, 2k of music is nothing for my use. It is sad that a platform like Deezer has this arbitrary limit and does not even make it obvious to future subscribers, I will continue on Spotify and advise everyone dissatisfied with this limitation to look for another alternative.
I believe that if the technical team is not considering to increase the likes limit, would be veeeeeeery handy if the Deezer could tell me if I am adding a music that I already have (with the same name) but is from a different album.
I did a cleaning in my Favorites playlist and could remove almost 200 songs that were duplicated or weren't available anymore to be played.
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I'm also sick of the 'soon'.
Soon can be used once. Not as much as it's used in this topic.
Soon = within 2 months for me and ofcourse subjective for everyone else.
I will cancel our Family subscription end of January if it's not fixed by then.

I deliberately use the word 'fixed' because it's definitely such a huge oversight you might think it's a bug and not a deliberate decision by Deezer.
Just like to echo comments from so many others here. I hit the 1K mobile album limit first, so removed load of favourites to get around this. I've now hit the 2K album limit on desktop (again with no notification, so added albums only to realise later they were lost/not on my list).

Note: I currently favourite new albums that I want to listen to/check out later.

Aside from increasing the limit (surely this should be unlimited, as is just like a bookmark?), for me a nicer solution would be custom tags. This way I could simply tag albums I want to check out or listen to later and find them easily without any need for a list. This way I could actually use the favourite album list for what this phrase would suggest, i.e. albums I love and will often want to come back to.

Same time, could use tags to quick ID / find track or albums, e.g. quiet, 80s, acoustic, guitar, female vocal and so on - and then be able to combine these as you can with the default (random?!) tags, e.g. 80s female vocalist late night listening - with handy list of albums/tracks that I've tagged as such.

At the moment, I only see a lmit number of standard tags drop down from the search box. Really don't understand how this works 😕

Any thoughts on the tagging side much appreciated - or news on the limit front?

PS what are the limits of other services... and what are the best alternatives to deezer at the mo (Spotify, Amazon...????) PPS I used Microsoft Groove for a while and this was great, but they pulled it when they decided to get out of the content business (although they still seem to have TV shows and movies. Go figure..)
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If you have a free account, you can tag albums with anything you want. So you would have a list there which you can check on Deezer later.
Thanks @bluezzbastardzz . Had a LFM account since Audioscrobbler and never thought of that. Be great if there was an easy way to integrate with Deezer, but will definitely check out. Can you tag albums or just tracks? Thanks 🙂
Update: just had a quick look and you can add tags to albums, but they're not private - so if you want to look at albums you've tagged, you see any album others have tagged with the same tag 😞
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You can tag artists, albums and tracks on, and they are listed on your profile in the Tags tab, so these are personalised, i.e. in your case only those albums which you have tagged with that term. Here is an example from my profile for my most used tag "conductor", you have to click on the pink bar with the counter at the right side to access them (the link on the left leads to the global tag page):

It would be great if you could use Deezer as your playback source on like Spotify or YouTube, then you could even directly play them from there. But it is unsure if this will be ever implemented on and/or when.

By the way, there is a current known issue with tagging albums on caused by the new scrobbles database which prevents this at the moment. The new scrobbles database has been rolled out to ~100% of the users, but if you are a subscriber, you still see the old database and can tag albums because of that.
AnywFFS!!! I'm leaving Spotify because of their 10k tracks limit but I'll be damned if I'm getting out of the pan and into the fire!!!!!!!! I thought it could be Deezer but I'm obviously wrong!!! Not sure where to go. It's not as if I'm unhappy to pay, but as a better informed punter I'm now more careful. £10 per month to Spotify for about 4 years now, and I hardly use it anyway!!!! Thanks for helping me not make the same mistake twice! But I thought the value of these businesses was in the number of paying subscribers? My tenners helped Spotify become a billion £ business, but it's a bit less now!
Hit me up Deezer when you've fixed this please. Money waiting!
After a year of the premium sub, I hit the magic 1000 songs, and I was confused because songs are there (on PC). Little googling I come to this.
I think this will be the nail in the coffin of my premium sub.
I also just hit the maximum of 2000 favourite songs.
I was really disturbed when I found out this is the limit !
I hope this will be fixed soon 😞.
Seriously...this is still an issue?
I wish they would needlessly redesign the web interface instead of fixing this.
Oh wait, they did.
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oilwarzonedotcom wrote:

Seriously...this is still an issue?

I wasn't informed about answers to this thread so I thought the problem is fixed already. But after more than a year the problem is still there?? OMG! 😞
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I literally can't use Deezer on my phone because of these limits. When you get way above 1000 albums in your library, on desktop it keeps showing them all, on mobile it doesn't and you can't download albums for offline listening on iOS because of this.
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iOS app has an extra problem with 1k tracks max. which is already solved in Android. They are working to up the limit to 2k tracks in the iOS app as well now.